Simply Enchanting

IMG_2060The most interesting thing about this photo is how enchanted those two guys are with the one on the steps and how enchanted she is with whatever she’s holding in her hands, oh, and the fact that I forgot to paint that top step when I painted the rest of the porch. Guess who’s going to be out there with a paintbrush very soon?


What the Heck is an Aperture?

Image: Pioneer Woman

I have a great link for you. My daughter-in-law occasionally sends me interesting and helpful links. Sometimes they clue me into a comfortable shoe, a recipe she thinks I’ll enjoy, or something funny or current or unusual. This time it was a link to a great article on photography at The Pioneer Woman – What the Heck is an Aperture?  The article answers that question in a way that is interesting and actually understandable, even if you’re a novice like me.

While you’re there, you’ll want to check out What the Heck is an Aperture Parts 2, 3 and 4 and several other posts like What the Heck is Shutter Speed, ISO setting, Soak up the Sun, Shoot for the Moon, etc. Here’s a link to the entire list of easy-to-understand photography posts.

An Afternoon With…

I can’t believe I’ve never shared this link with you. I love this site. It makes me dream of cleaning out my attic and downsizing to a small apartment in a large city. Which city? I never get that far. Alas, it’s only a fantasy. Maybe in my next life. What? We don’t get another? Where’d you hear that?

If you enjoy insightful photos of people and their spaces, you’ll be mesmerized by Michael Mundy’s project at “An Afternoon With.”

What does Michael have to say about An Afternoon With?

“This is a project about people. It is a project about our space and the things we keep and the things we don’t throw away. It is a project about looking for and finding connections we all have. It is about seeing yourself in these spaces…”

I must go now and throw away a few thousand things I can’t remember acquiring over the past six decades. What you can accumulate in a lifetime… it’s scary. Discard, downsize, discard, downsize…. repeat… It’s all I think about anymore.


Photo Credit: Vivienne Gucwa ~ Manhattanhenge May 30, 2011 ~ overlooking the Chrysler Building, 42nd Street and Tudor City Place overpass. Midtown, New York City.

Manhattanhenge – sometimes referred to as the Manhattan Solstice – is a semiannual occurrence in which the setting sun aligns with the east–west streets of the main street grid in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The term is derived from Stonehenge, at which the sun aligns with the stones on the solstices. Source: Wikipedia