Simply Enchanting

IMG_2060The most interesting thing about this photo is how enchanted those two guys are with the one on the steps and how enchanted she is with whatever she’s holding in her hands, oh, and the fact that I forgot to paint that top step when I painted the rest of the porch. Guess who’s going to be out there with a paintbrush very soon?



IMG_1137The grands brought flowers to me at Christmas. I’m not the greatest flower arranger. I can’t believe I never took a class. I’m sure that a few pointers could improve my sad style. My sister-in-law creates the prettiest arrangements with simple flowers from the market and a few additions from her yard or the woods or wetlands by her house, and voilà… a gorgeous centerpiece. I think she worked in a florist shop one summer when she was in school.

When the grandkids gave me the flowers in the photo, I placed them in a – much too large – vase  that I asked my husband to bring down from the attic for me. This morning I decided a do-over was in order. I grabbed a small pitcher  from the sideboard and this is what I came up with. Is it a bonafide “arrangement?” Maybe not. But an “improvement?” YES! It helps to use the appropriate size container. And can you believe these flowers have been around for a week? I think they’ll make it another week. Nice.

Conversation With The Grands

Me ~ (asking my granddaughter and grandson) What would you like Santa to bring for Christmas?

Grandson ~ (in a very adult and informative tone)  Nonna, Santa isn’t a real person.

Granddaughter ~ (gasp in horror) Don’t tell her that!!

It’s the Little Things

My granddaughter has a special thing about ladybugs, or maybe they have a special thing about her. This one found her and she noticed it in a big way; her little brother seems to be noticing it, too. You can’t miss the delight in their faces.

It’s easy to get caught up in the big picture and miss the little things. We actually forget a great deal of our lives. One day bleeds into another, and we think we’ll remember, but most of it evaporates into the ether. When you look back at your life, you only see the things you remember, and you only remember the things you truly noticed. That makes it important to notice the right things, the things that bring us joy.

An entire lifetime could be frittered away waiting for something big to happen while all the wonderful little things pass by unnoticed. It’s staggering to think how much joy and wonder we could miss.
If you don’t see the player below, click here.

This could be my granddaughter’s future!

Doesn’t she look like she’s about to reprimand someone?

When I read this post over at Whimsy Whims, it reminded me of my granddaughter. She ADORES all things related to running an office or classroom, being in charge, writing, keeping notes and keeping track, especially papers and pens and notebooks. Oh, and there’s that thing about the Bibles, but that’s for another time.

Even before she could write her ABCs, she always had a pen and notebook in her hands and was scribbling away. Only she knew what she was writing, but we ALL knew it was important.

She had a BlackBerry in her hands before she was two. She came out of the womb holding a Sharpie in one hand and a spiral notebook in the other. In fact, I’m pretty sure she wrote on the walls while she was in there so any future siblings would know she was there FIRST! This child looks like an angel, but make no mistake, she’s a powerhouse! And she loves her some office supplies.

Halloween Pics

Let me indulge and show the pics of the grandchildren – my best friend’s and mine. It was a night for wild and scary leopard girls and ninja boys and gangsters and referees and goblins. Boo!

My grandchildren: Leopard Girl and Ninja Boy~

My best friend’s grandchildren – left to right: Maddie, Brandon, Brison, Jacob

The Referee, Skeleton, Green Monster, and Lucky Luciano

(okay, maybe he wasn’t Lucky… maybe some other 1920s style mob boss – Al Capone maybe…)


It’s all in the eyes.

~The face says it all.  I’m the long-suffering, tolerant, older and wiser sister.


Very scary!And that’s it for another fun-filled and spine-chilling  Halloween. Say goodbye to the goblins till next year.

Happy Birthday to a Real Princess

Ava, I can’t believe you’re five-years-old today, and what a wonderful little girl you are. You’re smart and clever and funny, and you do love princesses.

It’s only appropriate that a big, old royal wedding is taking place today. I’m surprised you weren’t wearing a tiara when you entered the world. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that William and Kate chose your birthday to tie the knot. Never forget! Kate will become a duchess today, but you were born a princess.

Pink is your signature color. Pink, pink and more pink! There simply isn’t enough pink in the world. If we could only paint the White House pink, or the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building, the world would be a better place.

No one should be mistaken. Just because you love pink and princesses does not mean you’re weak. You are not a wimpy princess. Oh no! You are powerful, and I hope you keep that for the rest of your life.

Grandpa and I feel joy every time we see your face. We can not believe our great good luck to have such a wonderful granddaughter. May there always be something in your life that stirs as much passion in your heart as pink and princesses do today. It is the secret to staying forever young.

Here, Joan Baez says it much better… We love you, little girl!