The Puzzling Gift of Grands

IMG_1089This was one of our fun Christmas gifts – a personalized puzzle of the Grand Trio. I’m not sure where my DIL got it, but there are several links on the Internet. I found one at Walgreens that looks like our puzzle. It’s housed in an attractive tin, the puzzle quality┬áis very good, and you can’t beat the subject matter. My husband dumped it out on the table and the rest was history. Lots of fun and look at that end product. Perfection!

How to Recycle Jeans into a Garden Apron

A couple of things make this a great project. First, it’s all about repurposing stuff, and that translates to cheap. Don’t we just love cheap! And it’s quick, simple and truly useful. It’s even versatile. It makes a great gardening apron, but you could use it for a number of other activities, and you could even make it for kids. See for yourself.

Source: Chow

Melted Crayon Canvas Art

I found this kid’s craft at Meg Duerksen’s Whatever.

Line a box of 64 crayons to the top of an art canvas. Remove the black and brown crayons if you want to make your project brighter, attach crayons to the canvas with a glue gun and melt the crayons with a hairdryer. Stand back and watch the magic happen!

See more great photos of this project at Whatever.