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Welcome to Daily Dalliance, a place to talk about things that amuse or confuse. There is no theme or purpose to this place, other than to dabble daily in what strikes the fancy.

What will you find here? There will be articles and videos and links, and touches of the weird and wonderful. You’ll find hundreds of things that I’ve gathered from around the Internet. I look for stories and articles and videos that make me laugh or cry, stir my curiosity or inspire me to live better.  Some days you’ll find topics that touch on pop culture,  current events, politics, health, and there will be the occasional informative snippet along the way. You’ll find recipes and tips and fun facts sprinkled throughout. Things around here could range from the deadly serious to the patently absurd (depending on what’s going on in the world that particular day). Hang on to your hat.

Daily Dalliance is exactly what it sounds like: an almost daily dalliance in that which tickles the funny bone, jars the interest, enrages the sensibilities and, on occasion, touches the heart.

I hope you’ll find something of interest here and visit often.




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