IMG_1137The grands brought flowers to me at Christmas. I’m not the greatest flower arranger. I can’t believe I never took a class. I’m sure that a few pointers could improve my sad style. My sister-in-law creates the prettiest arrangements with simple flowers from the market and a few additions from her yard or the woods or wetlands by her house, and voilà… a gorgeous centerpiece. I think she worked in a florist shop one summer when she was in school.

When the grandkids gave me the flowers in the photo, I placed them in a – much too large – vase  that I asked my husband to bring down from the attic for me. This morning I decided a do-over was in order. I grabbed a small pitcher  from the sideboard and this is what I came up with. Is it a bonafide “arrangement?” Maybe not. But an “improvement?” YES! It helps to use the appropriate size container. And can you believe these flowers have been around for a week? I think they’ll make it another week. Nice.


2 thoughts on “do-over

    • They are still looking good. I can’t believe how long they’re lasting. They came with one of those little packets and I put it in the water. It must really help.

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