Was Google Completely Wrong?

When you type the term ‘Completely Wrong’ into  Google Images’ search box, this is what you see – lots of Mitt Romneys. (photo I snapped this morning)

Oops, one might think there’s a prankster afoot at Google, but it turns out that the ranking of websites is not determined manually. Google employees don’t control the results of a search.  Not only that, but a Google spokeswoman said that the search results are not something the company can “fix”  but rather it is a “natural” effect of the algorithm.

As it turns out, the phenomenon occurred when Mitt Romney used the term ‘Completely Wrong’ in reference to that cell phone video about the 47%.

If I ever become famous and find myself in a sticky wicket, I’m going to use terms like ‘world’s best mother’ and ‘brilliant writer’ and ‘generous human being’ and ‘feeds the poor in spare time’. I have to go now and Google ‘sticky wicket’.


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