Fig and Fauna

Boy, do I have a new blog for you. Megan authors Fig and Fauna. Fig & Fauna Farm is a 3.5 acre homestead, located in South Florida. Megan and her husband sold their suburban home last year, and did what so many of us only dream about; they changed their lifestyle in a big way. They embarked on an adventure in small farming.  You will love her recipes [Tomato & Polenta Pie] and you will dream of walking straight into her beautiful photos. Here… Megan says it best in her own words.

“We  currently share our land with  chickens, cows, dairy goats, rabbits and farm dogs. We came into this lifestyle in 2011, after we sold our suburban home and ventured into small farming. Our homestead also serves as a boarding and training facility for our Palm Beach store, Onblonde Pet Spa.

Our philosophy behind fig and fauna is based in our beliefs to enrich our lives with the process of our food while we cultivate relationships with the animals we raise and the plants that we grow.

The recipes that we create are a product of the ingredients found on our homestead and other surrounding local farms. A Fig & Fauna cookbook is  presently in the works.

Visit Fig and Fauna now!


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