Is that a canker sore on your nose?

I’m sitting in Herm’s Mohs Micrographic Surgeon’s office. She removed a basal cell carcinoma from his nose. I’m surrounded by a bunch of white people with big bandages on various parts of their faces. They’re all waiting to hear if their biopsies are clean, or if the doc will have to scoop out a little more flesh. I bet they all wish they had stayed out of the sun.  I know Herm does. And it didn’t help that people weren’t as conscious of the benefits of sunscreen when we were young. Most of the damage happens in your youth.

His bandage makes his nose appear bulbous – onion-like.

This is the first chance I’ve had to get my grubby, little hands on his iPad, and that’s only because he’s back there getting his nose zigzag stitched. They showed us pics of what he will look like for a while. It isn’t pretty, but it should end with a good result. She’s an excellent surgeon. She’ll take skin from another section of his nose, and use it to close the area. I wouldn’t say that you’d never know the difference once this is complete, but it should be a very good outcome. She’s done remarkable work on Herm before.

I better sign off. He will want this thing back as soon as he’s virticle again.

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