…and this little piggy went to…

We’re going down to stay with my father later this week. His caregiver needs a break. He has lost ground this year, and he occasionally gets a little confused.

I call Dad most days. He loves to answer the phone.  His caregiver’s mother is in her eighties, and she’s had some health issues this year, too. When we talked one day last week, I asked him how his caregiver’s mother was feeling. He said, “Aw, terrible!” I asked, “Really? What’s wrong?.” He said, “Well, they hospitalized her and cut her toes off and sewed them back on.” A little doubtful, I asked, “Dad, are you sure about that?” He said, “Yes, I’m sure. Do you think I’d make something like that up?”

Still doubtful, I talked to his caregiver a few days later. Treading carefully, I asked her how her mother was feeling. She said, “Oh, she’s getting better.” Cautiously and vaguely, I asked, “Wasn’t there some problem with her feet?” She said, “Yes. She was hospitalized and they removed a couple of her toes and reattached them.”

It seems that her toes were growing sideways and there was simply nothing to be done short of cutting them off and sewing them back on. They can reattach just about anything nowadays. Just ask John Bobbett.


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