Compassion Pit

I just found this site – Compassion Pit – where you can choose to vent or listen to a venter. That’s right. If you so choose, you can chat with someone who has something he/she wants to get off their chest, and you can offer “compassionate” feedback.  Conversely, if you want to vent about your mother-in-law, husband, teenage daughter or the way your paperboy throws your Daily Press in the shrubs every morning, you’ve found your little corner of cyberspace. The most important feature of this arrangement is anonymity. Compassion Pit claims that venters and listeners are anonymous.


They say this about themselves on their homepage:

Compassion Pit visitors are people dealing with all sorts of life’s problems. And we’re here to help…

Whether it’s sex, gender identity, relationship problems, sexual identity, domestic abuse, friendship loyalty, sexual perversions, money, crime, sexually transmitted diseases, procrastination, boredom… You name it!

On their FAQ page:

How do you deal with abuse?

If a listener is dealing with a venter in a non-compassionate way, we encourage venters to click the “Report Abuse” link in the bottom right-hand side of the chat. We regularly monitor the reported abuse logs and ban the (encrypted) IP addresses from participating in CompassionPit.

Can the listener see where I am from?

No. We only show you the listener’s approximate location information so you can be sure that you are not accidentally speaking to someone you know in real life.

Ready for the disclaimer? Daily Dalliance does not dissuade, suggest, or endorse using Compassion Pit. Only offering the info.

File this one under “can’t make it up.”


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