The Door To Oblivion

“Walking through a doorway creates an “event boundary” in our mind, which can make us forget a decision made just a room away, according to researchers.”

That explains a lot, doesn’t it? And all this time I thought it was the beginning stages of dementia. It goes something like this. Where is my hairbrush? Then… Um, I think I left it on the bookcase in the bedroom. I walk into the bedroom and stand there like a goof, scratch my head and wonder why did I come in here?

You know there was a study…

Participants were asked to select an object from one table and exchange it for an object at another table in a different room. A control group was asked to do the same task, except their tables were in the same room, at a distance equivalent to the first group’s.

People asked to enter another room were two to three times more likely to forget what they were supposed to do.


Passing through a doorway, whether we’re entering or exiting, creates something called an “event boundary” in our mind, says Radvansky. That event boundary “separates episodes of activity and files them away.” It’s just one of the many tricks our brain uses to keep life organized. It’s “like the brain is too efficient for its own good, sticking thoughts back in the cabinet before you’re done using them,” says Cassie Murdoch at Jezebel.

Source: The Week

So now we have a scientific excuse for this insanity. It isn’t dementia after all. It’s an “event boundary.” Feel free to use it as your own.

How about you? Do you experience a little forgetfulness from time to time?


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