A few weeks ago, Herman mentioned that he’d like to start taking day-trips to places that are within a couple of hours away. We usually go over to Wakefield this time of year, and buy a few tins of nuts from Plantation Peanuts to give to people during the holidays. My mother’s family is from the area, and my grandfather was a peanut farmer. It’s kind of a tradition for us to give Virginia peanuts to a few people during the holidays. This was the first of a series of day-trips we plan to take. More to come.


We stopped at a junk/antique store on the way. The guy said he had it all, “Everything from fine antiques to pure junk.” I didn’t see any fine antiques, but I did see some top-drawer junk that I liked.~

I’ve been looking for a little bookcase for a while, but I needed a very specific size to fit between the bathroom door and closet door in our bedroom – less than two feet wide. I had just told Herman that junk shops never seemed to have many bookcases. I guess they sell quickly because everyone needs them. No sooner than I got the words out of my mouth, I turned around, and there it was, in all it’s glory, surrounded by tons of other junk.~

We bought it and brought it home. Herman refinished it and I really like how it turned out. A few books, an Art Deco clock that was given to my parents when they got married and Herman’s mother’s pitcher, and the transformation is complete. I do love me some junk… and it’s cheap… so cheap.Perfect fit!


Then we went over to the Virginia Diner for lunch. The parking lot was full of antique cars.~~~~


The man in the following picture walked up to Herman and acted as if he’d known him his entire life. I think he really thought he had. He said, “Well, I guess you’re not used to seeing me this dressed up.” Herman just smiled and shook hands with him. He then followed us around and talked nonstop, telling one story after another. He said he bought his camera in 1985 and “shore” couldn’t afford a “high-dolla” camera like mine. Quite a character


Herman’s stepfather and his stepfather’s sister had identical trucks like the one in the following photo. Herman said that his stepfather never drove over 45, and his sister never drove over 35. One day, Herman and his uncle took the sister’s truck to a local mechanic for her, and his uncle drove 55 on the way home and fire started shooting out the exhaust. Herman said it was all the carbon burning off because it had never been driven over 35.


A cotton field on the way home.It was a nice day. I’ll be posting soon about our next trip.


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