This could be my granddaughter’s future!

Doesn’t she look like she’s about to reprimand someone?

When I read this post over at Whimsy Whims, it reminded me of my granddaughter. She ADORES all things related to running an office or classroom, being in charge, writing, keeping notes and keeping track, especially papers and pens and notebooks. Oh, and there’s that thing about the Bibles, but that’s for another time.

Even before she could write her ABCs, she always had a pen and notebook in her hands and was scribbling away. Only she knew what she was writing, but we ALL knew it was important.

She had a BlackBerry in her hands before she was two. She came out of the womb holding a Sharpie in one hand and a spiral notebook in the other. In fact, I’m pretty sure she wrote on the walls while she was in there so any future siblings would know she was there FIRST! This child looks like an angel, but make no mistake, she’s a powerhouse! And she loves her some office supplies.


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