Halloween Pics

Let me indulge and show the pics of the grandchildren – my best friend’s and mine. It was a night for wild and scary leopard girls and ninja boys and gangsters and referees and goblins. Boo!

My grandchildren: Leopard Girl and Ninja Boy~

My best friend’s grandchildren – left to right: Maddie, Brandon, Brison, Jacob

The Referee, Skeleton, Green Monster, and Lucky Luciano

(okay, maybe he wasn’t Lucky… maybe some other 1920s style mob boss – Al Capone maybe…)


It’s all in the eyes.

~The face says it all.  I’m the long-suffering, tolerant, older and wiser sister.


Very scary!And that’s it for another fun-filled and spine-chilling  Halloween. Say goodbye to the goblins till next year.


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