Our Trip To Madison Last Weekend

On the way to Graves Mountain, we passed through a pretty, little town – Madison in Madison County, Virginia. Patsy and I noticed a couple of antique stores and a candle shop which turned out to have much more than just candles. We decided to stop on the way home and check it out. I’ve never been to Madison, Wisconsin, but I can now say that I’ve been to Madison, Virginia. Who knew we even had a Madison here? I wonder how many other Madisons are out there? Maybe I’ll do a tour of all of them.



The following two photos are Main Street.


The folks of Madison are very proud of their town. In only a couple of blocks, I can’t tell you how many times we saw “Madison” on a building or sign. Everything was named Madison.


The Madison Eagle is the local newspaper.

Read The Madison Eagle’s question of the week here. They’re having a little problem.~~



Madison has a walking tour and this historic well is on it.~

These pink pumpkins were in support of breast cancer research.~

This is a beautiful, little town square.~

And I just thought this was pretty. I love red barns and houses and sheds and even red roofs on houses. There’s something about them.


We decided to look in a few shops for a Halloween costume for Patsy.~

Guess what she’s going to be…Next year, when you’re on your way up to Graves Mountain for the Apple Harvest Festival, plan on stopping in Madison. The folks are very nice there. You’ll find Madison County’s website here. I bet they put flags out on Independence Day.


One thought on “Our Trip To Madison Last Weekend

  1. look at you guys making your way to the other madison, CHEATERS!!! 🙂 I just saw a voicemail from you. I will call you later! – Madina

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