The girl got inked!

No, she dit-ent.

Yes, she did!

Patsy decided to get a tattoo. Her friend Kristin set up the appointment. We met Kristin at Classic Tattoo, and her daughter Bek arrived shortly after. Will (a.k.a. Willie Kirby) is a tattoo artist at Classic Tattoo but he’s involved in a number of other ventures. He has quite a ubiquitous presence around Richmond. After talking with Will for only a few minutes, there’s no mistaking that he’s a renascence man. He was recently featured in Richmond Magazine. Will and his partner Shawn Lemieux created  Salon 604 in Richmond which features four of Virginia’s premiere stylists. It’s located in the Museum District of Richmond at 406 N. Belmont Ave. He also owns a silk screening business,, and he was a  commercial fisherman for a while, and still retains his Virginia commercial fishing license.

We chatted with him while he ate his lunch. We checked out all the pictures covering the walls while we waited. ~

Then down to the business at hand. After all, we were there to get Patsy’s first tattoo. I think we were going to do this when Patsy turned 60, but the time got away from us. She had already decided on a small pair of flip-flops on her foot. Will drew them and showed them to Patsy. She approved and the rest goes down in the annals of history. ~

I think she was a little nervous but she was very brave. We didn’t let her see these before Will began.~

Will donned these somewhat disturbing, black gloves before beginning. He then transferred his rendering of the flip-flops onto Patsy’s foot.~~

Cavalier in the face of agony!

Ha, ha! I laugh in the face of searing pain!! I’ve endured childbirth. What’s a little ink!?!Bek and Kristin were there for moral support (you can tell by Bek’s expression that she’s taking things very seriously – what would Mom do without her?). I was there to document the event and remind her to keep her foot perfectly still no matter how much it hurt!


This is not what you want to see when you wake up in a secluded location. Something really creepy about those gloves. Shudder!!

Impervious to all the chatter and posturing going on in the room, Will prepared to work his magic.


First, he spread some gel on her foot.


Then the process began in earnest.


Halfway there…~

Now for the shading.~

And a big, old, official looking bandage to protect the area on her way home.


Patsy does a VICTORY lap around the studio!!!

(Imagine, if you will, the theme from Rocky playing in the background.)~

Then, Bek explains that her grandmother’s favorite song was Amazing Grace. She asks Patsy to write the words in her own handwriting and Will transfers them and then inks them.

Then we prepare to leave as Will’s next customer arrives.I’m pretty sure I heard him requesting Elmer Fudd on his left flank.I’m sure he was pleased with the results. Will is a great guy and excellent at what he does. If you’re interested in a tattoo, you’ll find him here at Classic Tattoo! Read more about Will “HERE.”

That’s All Folks!


3 thoughts on “The girl got inked!

  1. Oh thank you thank you for documenting this experience. I couldn’t have gone through with it without my girls there beside me, and you photographing every minute. One more thing to mark off the list. haha
    Love ya.

  2. WOW! I love this! A customer of mine mentioned this article to me but was not sure if it was about me or another Willie. I have to say I really do appreciate it very much and am very flattered you took the time to write about or short encounter that day. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and a privelage to tattoo you and yours. Ps. Salon 604… Cheers!!!

    • Willie,
      Glad you found this article. We had a great time that day and Patsy loves her little flip flop. You did such a professional job. Thanks for a great memory!

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