coming to you from somewhere on the outer banks

We’re here, all safe and sound. Herman is taking a nap. I think he’s tired from all the sleeping he did on the way down. I guess I shouldn’t pick on him. He did wake up long enough to eat a NC barbecue for breakfast.

It rained all the way and it’s still raining. That’s fine. The first day is a bust anyway. We usually settle in and go to the Food Lion for supplies and make a nice dinner in the cottage. This time we stopped at Harris Teeter’s on the way. I still have to run over to Food Lion for some spinach. It’s my night for vitamin K and Herman requested wilted spinach in olive oil and garlic. Maybe if I’d eaten more garlic the gnats would have left me alone this summer (another story for another time).

The real reason I’m posting today is because I found a recipe for you. I’m actually giving you the link for two reasons. The first is that it uses frozen dumplings. Puleeze! I’m not making homemade dumplings, and I’ve heard the frozen ones are mighty fine (Bisquick dumplings aren’t bad either). But the main reason for  the recipe is the name of it – Mamaw’s Chicken and Dumplings.

This 96-year-old grandmother is called Mamaw by ther grandchildren. It made me think of my best bud. When her grandson was born, we discussed what she would like for him to call her, but one day he started calling her Mamaw all on his own. The rest was history.

So here’s the link to Mamaw’s Chicken and Dumplings. It sounds delicious. Cool weather is on the way, and this is great comfort food!


One thought on “coming to you from somewhere on the outer banks

  1. this Mamaw will definitely try this. Funny thing is I didn’t realize you could even get frozen dumplings. Obviously need to get out more. haha welcome home.

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