Has This Ever Happened To You?

If you’ve landed here because your email has been hacked or you’re interested in preventing it from being hacked, you will want to check out a post I wrote after this one – How to hide from Hackers – Protecting Your Email  Account. After my email was hacked, I realized I knew very little about how to proceed. I did the research and found some interesting answers to my questions.


When I attempted to log in to my Yahoo! mail last night, I saw something similar to this.

We strongly believe your account may have been compromised.

By changing your password immediately, you will minimize the resulting risk for your Yahoo! account. We suggest you chose a password for your Yahoo! account that you are not currently using on this or any other site. You will be prompted every time you try to login to change your password until you have successfully changed it.

For help selecting a strong password and/or safeguarding it against misuse, please review the tips posted in the password section of the Yahoo! Security Center.

Now what should I do? Should I scrap the whole email account and get a new one? How do I know if any of my information was stolen? And what about other accounts that have the same password? We know why someone hacks our email accounts (to do nasty and nefarious things to us), but HOW exactly does someone hack your email? And how do we prevent them from hacking it in the first place? And how do you create an impenetrable password? Check out  How to hide from Hackers – Protecting Your Email  Account for  more information.

7 thoughts on “Has This Ever Happened To You?

  1. I just got the same message today 4/30/2011. After you reset your password, Go to account settings and click on “View your recent login activity” It should display the timestamps and locations of all recent logins into your account. You can further investigate by clicking the dropdown “Location” and selecting “IP Address”. With these addresses you can lookup the network owners by going “arin.net” or another IP lookup. Arin.net will also display your current IP address – save you some time finding out your own IP. In my case there were no unusual IP’s listed, only my home and work, so why is Yahoo doing this?

  2. Today, I received the exact same message as the one above.
    I believe I have a very strong password & I doubt that anyone was able to hack it.
    However, I still changed it anyway.
    I am pretty sure this problem is somehow linked to their verification seal.

    • Justin, I wish I could find more info on the web investigating what you suspect. I got that message today but looking through my “recent logins” in account info, I can see that I’m the only one logging in.

      Therefore, it seems to me either Yahoo has a problem with false alarms in their system, or they deliberately want people to change passwords, or they suspect an internal hack where someone stole passwords from Yahoo itself–not the same as an impostor logging in as me.

      I wish clarification on this turns up on the internet. It does not look at all like anyone logged in as me. To me, it doesn’t speak well of Yahoo that they provide no justification for why they think my account is compromised: either they’re crying wolf or they’re hiding something.

  3. I got the same message/screen today. I’m with Justin and suspect Yahoo for some reason wants us to change our passwords. I’d used mine for…years…and it’s strong. Maybe it’s because I haven’t changed it in years that I’m getting this. My searching indicates that most of these “warnings” have come in the spring/early summer (northern hemisphere) of 2011. Exactly when Yahoo is “upgrading” the mail system. I haven’t changed mine yet but will I realize continue to be hassled by this screen.

    Now a question from Anonymous2’s post above: with the new Yahoo mail interface, how does one get to View Account Settings? I don’t see that option.

    • Dean,
      You can find Account Settings on the new Yahoo! mail by going to the drop down menu in the top left corner of your mail. Click where it says Hello Dean. The menu will drop down. Click on “Account.” You will then view a screen that request your password, and it will take you to Yahoo! Account Information. Scroll down until you see Account Settings. There you can manage your Yahoo! aliases, set language, site and time zone, and view/update your saved locations. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for stopping by. Bonnie

  4. What exactly is the (view/update your saved locations)
    I only use my email on my phone or on my laptop
    but there are cities that are near by that pop on there and one city that
    is bit out of the way.
    Why do these appear?

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