In Villa Rica, GA, a police officer shut down a Girl Scout troop’s cookie stand. Why? Because they didn’t have a peddler’s permit. Now, that’s what I call government regulation at its finest. Forget those boys on Wall Street and the banking industry who brought this country to its knees, let’s get the Girl Scouts off the streets.

Just because they’re cute and selling incredibly delicious cookies doesn’t mean they should be an exception. Besides, everyone knows those chocolate thin mints are nothing more than a gateway drug to crack.

Troop #7984 was selling cookies at a local strip mall. The officer approached and asked them for their permit. When they couldn’t produce it, he shut them down. Right then and there, they had to pack up their cookie booth and get out-of-town.

That’s law and order in Villa Rica, GA. Yes ma’am! Remember that next time you visit. Forget what you’ve heard about the horrors of Turkish prisons. Any place where they take down Girl Scouts, you don’t wanna be.

Can you imagine the line up? Um, officer, I think it’s the little one in the green dress, with the pigtails and the evil glint in her eyes. Don’t be fooled by the tears and intermittent sobs for her mommy.

In an attempt to smooth over the “misunderstanding,” the mayor and police chief quickly stepped into the limelight to do a little PR work, offering the girls a pizza party and a tour of the police department. No one has verified whether the police department confiscated any of the girls’ inventory. Reportedly, several officers (with guilty expressions) were seen wiping crumbs from their lips.

Next thing you know they’ll be harassing jaywalkers and charging old ladies with littering for tossing cigarette butts out their car windows, but at least the streets will be safe in Villa Rica, GA.

You knew there would be a video, didn’t you? Go “HERE.”

Note that the council member who suggests that the permit is somehow connected to safety issues, fails to explain how a peddler’s permit will prevent a child from running into the street.


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