My goal is to one day be able to move all my worldly possessions on a scooter.Photo: Anthropology

We’re at it again – decluttering. We went through our closets again the other day, and yesterday we started on the office. Yes, Herman included. He’s truly caught the toss-it-or-donate-it bug, and when he gets the bug for something, he can be more obsessive than you know who – that would be moi. I know you don’t believe it, but it’s the gospel.

Speaking of the gospel, I have a question. How do you dispose of these?

I mean that in two ways. How do you actually *dispose of a Bible and how do you emotionally dispose of a Bible that belonged to you husband’s mother,  or the one he carried in his pocket in Vietnam, or the one you had when you were a little girl. I can’t quite get myself there and neither can he. It’s not as if anyone in this house has read them in forever. We have them all over the house – little ones, big ones, black ones, white ones.

It reminds me of when we moved into our house in Maryland. The people who lived there before us were very religious. There were crosses over every door. It may seem strange, but I didn’t know how to dispose of them. I can’t even remember what I did with them now. Maybe Goodwill?? eHow says,  … you can give an old and tattered American flag to a “a veteran’s organization. Contact your local American Legion Post. Most of them collect old flags and have a yearly, ceremonious flag burning. But who takes old Bibles? Google will know, but for now, they stay put.

And what about these.Good grief, can you tell that a pathetic speller lives here? I must confess I used to read these much more than my Bible. These were great in their day, but like bloomers and short britches, they’ve become passé, even obsolete. takes care of all my needs. In fact, I visit that site more than any other on the internet. I’ll see if my local library wants these, if not then Goodwill will get them. Surely libraries still want dictionaries.

I should have taken a before shot, but look at this anal retentive’s desk drawer, would you. Not bad, huh? In case you’re wondering, from top left: tape, batteries ~ from bottom left: paper clips, rubber bands, staples. No snide remarks. I know you’re drooling, besides I found a way to recycle all those wild rice and couscous containers.

*Okay, wikiHow, among other things, says I should bury my Bibles. Really? As my grandson once said, “Are you jokin’ me?” *Sheesh*


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