Vegetarian Chili from Honest Fare

I have another interesting blog for you. Yes I do. I can’t help myself. I find these fantastic places and I’m compelled to share. Honest Fare is Gabrielle’s (Gabi) contribution to the world of food blogs. It’s worth a look-see just to check out those mouth-watering (literally) photos.

It was really, really hard to choose which recipe to share with you. I deserve high praise for narrowing it down to one. I finally chose this vegetarian chili recipe for two reasons. It’s winter and snowy and cold and there’s nothing like a hot bowl of chili when it’s chilly outside. *guffaw, guffaw* The other reason is Herman and I find ourselves eating very little meat these days. For variety, this can be served over rice. Click “HERE” for the recipe!

And here’s one more. You didn’t think I could stop at just one, did you? Isn’t it pretty?

“Mango, tomato & queso blanco bruschetta”

Or two?

I am so making this “Simple Scallop Pasta With Roasted Sweet Pepper.” Yes, I am, but I’m substituting with shrimp. I have a ton of shrimp in the freezer and we love shrimp with pasta.



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