easy as pie

My apple pie is in the oven and sending out aromas like only simmering cinnamon and apples and butter can do. If it comes out before I finish this, I’ll take a picture.

I’m supposed to make baked beans, but I decided to make an apple pie, too. I feel like I should do more. My brother loves apple pie and he and his girlfriend are doing most of the cooking for Thanksgiving. We’re all going to his house. I thought the least I could do was make a pie. I asked if I could bring anything else but Donna said, “No. Thanks.”

I’m so out of practice at making pies and pie crusts. If you could only have seen me. What a goof. I finally got it together and it’s looking good. Let’s hope it taste good too. How bad could apples and cinnamon and butter taste?

Ta Daaah!
It’s that color because I brushed an egg over it before baking and sprinkled it with sugar.

Herman and I are going to stay with Dad a couple of days so Carolyn can spend Thanksgiving with her family. I hope everyone has  a wonderful Thanksgiving, especially those of you in Chicago, and those who are on their way to Northern Virginia. Everyone be safe. Love to all.


3 thoughts on “easy as pie

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too my friends. Love you guys bunches. But not to worry, we will talk. The pie looks great….we didn’t have apple, but I do love it.

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