We ordered our usual medium, three topping, thin crust pizza from Domino’s a few minutes ago, and it’s on the way. We ordered it online. I’m tracking it. If you register you can track your order from the moment of placing the order to the moment of delivery to your front door.

When you place your order, a status bar appears and it updates in real time.  As the order is being prepared, you can see it’s progress. And it gives you the names of the people who are making, cutting, cooking, and delivering your pizza.

They talk to you. It just told me that my pizza is “gitten’ some lovin’ from the oven.”

You know what we order: thin and crunchy crust, robust sauce, cheese, roasted red peppers, spinach and anchovies. (Spinach has tons of vitamin K but the pizza doesn’t have much on it.)

Yum, y’all!

Omigod! It just said, “Your order makes me proud to be a Domino’s chef!”

You have to order a pizza just to hear this stuff.

Oops! It just said, ” We’re delivering your order right now. Thanks for choosing Domino’s”

I have to go now. The doorbell just rang. Don’t you love the internet?

Edit: After our pizza was delivered last night, we heard a voice from my computer. It said, “Close your browser and let me get back to work.” I had left the Domino’s site up and it was reminding me to exit.


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