This morning

Herm sits down and opens his computer and a few minutes later…

Herman ~ (all hang dog) I’m ashamed of myself.

Me ~ (leaning in) Why? What did you do?

Herman ~ I gave up.

Me ~ On what? What did you give up on?

Herman ~ The Yankees.

Me ~ (puzzled) The Yankees?

Herman ~ Yeah. They were losing 5 zip.

Me ~ AND….

Herman ~ I gave up in the fifth inning and went to bed.

Me ~ Yeah?

Herman ~ … and they came back and scored six runs in the eighth inning and beat the Rangers. I slept through the whole thing.

Me ~ Do guys really feel shame about giving up on their team.

Herman ~ (all hang dog) Yes.


I think he was really pissed off at himself that he missed a great game.


Herman ~ I hope your Dad didn’t give up because he would have loved it.

Me ~ Are you kidding? He’d never desert his team.

Herman ~ **scowl**

I later asked Dad if he had watched the entire game. Of course, he had. Then he started talking about Casey Stengel and Mickey and the old days. He’s been rooting for them for over 60 years.


1947 saw the first televised World Series. The games were shown in the New York area by NBC and sponsored by Gillette and Ford. The 1947 World Series brought in an estimated 3.9 million people, becoming television’s first mass audience.



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