The Goldilocks Planet

“Astronomers have found the first alien world that could support life on its surface. It is both at the right distance from its star to potentially harbour liquid water and probably has a rocky composition like Earth.”

What’s all the fuss about? Gliese 581 g is an exoplanet or extrasolar planet – a.k.a. a planet outside the solar system. It orbits a star that’s about 20 light years from Earth (slightly out of our neighborhood) and it resides in the habitable zone.

The habitable zone, sometimes called the comfort zone or Goldilocks zone (not to hot, not too cold, but jussst right) is a region where water could exist on a planet, and we all know what that means. Life? Maybe? Perhaps? Possibly? Scientists are pretty excited about this discovery… not necessarily because they believe there’s life on this planet but because there are lots (and i do mean lots – 20 to 40 billion) more Goldilocks planets. I guess they like the odds.

Read more about the New Earth-like Exoplanet discovered that could support life. Article by David Kolle.



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