beachin’ it

Herman and I had a wonderful few days at The Outer Banks. We really enjoyed it… probably even more because of our rotten news from my cardiologist the day before we left. I’ve already started on meds that will lower the nasty risk factors. I’m feeling good about that, but you can imagine the frame of mind we were in when we packed up the car for vacation.

Let’s talk Outer Banks.

We had the best weather we’ve ever had on a vacation. One perfect day followed another.

We walked down to this pier every morning at sunrise and every evening just before sunset. The ocean is good for what ails you, no matter what that might be.

We did touristy things during the day and ate at fun restaurants in quaint towns or on the ocean. The days unfolded in a smooth and seamless stream, like a ribbon unfurling in slow motion. After almost 41 years, we are pretty comfortable with each other.

I have to tell you about the day we drove all the way down to Hatteras Island and caught the ferry over to Ocracoke Island. The ferry ride takes about 35 minutes, it’s free and you can take your car. While we were waiting to board, I called my brother to tell him where we were and what we were about to do because he had mentioned several times to me that we should catch the ferry over to Ocracoke sometime. He said we’d love it. He was right, and we had the most beautiful day for it.

The quaint village of Ocracoke is populated with cute little houses, shops and art galleries and ocean side restaurants. Half the shops are filled with pottery and art and handmade stuff. One shop owner in a small shop told us that 150 artists supplied her one tiny store. It was packed with interesting things.

We spent a wonderful afternoon there, and we ate at a seafood restaurant that offered tables outside, overlooking the water. Such a pretty view and such a cute guy to buy my lunch. Does he look relaxed? Cuz he is.
A pelican joined us for lunch. He rested on this piling only a few feet away from us. He was a little snooty, though. We couldn’t engage him in conversation.
After lunch, we walked down to the end of the pier where two little boys were fishing. I asked them if they were catching anything. They said, “Yes… croakers.”
Then we headed out to explore. It seemed like bikes were all over the island.
We had so much fun. We were pooped on our return ferry trip, but as we left the ferry and began the trip back, we talked about pulling over and walking out to one of the secluded beaches. We pulled over around milepost 32 and made our way down the path to the beach.
When we crested the dune, I could not believe my eyes. The beach was completely deserted. There was not even one footprint on it. There was not one building, not one restaurant, cottage, or shop. It looked as if it had just been created one minute before we arrived. There was a storm far off shore that was producing waves and white caps and foam. White sea-foam was blowing across the beach in billowy clouds of softness. I’ve never seen anything my entire life that was so beautiful. These photos do not even approach capturing the beauty. ~

Suddenly a man came out of nowhere and asked if he could take our picture in front of the surf. He took it and then left. I almost can’t believe it happened.


We climbed back over the dune. I turned for one last look and asked that if one day all my memories but one are stripped from me, let me remember this afternoon on this beach on this day.


As we made our way to the car, I realized that our footprints were already disappearing into the wind. Before we could make it back to the mainland, there would be no sign we had ever been there.


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