His Best Day

What was your best day ever? Okay. Can you come up with one of your top ten best days?

Herman just told me that one of his very best days happened a long time ago. We’d only been married a couple of years. We threw a cooler in the back of the car and drove up to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We were painfully young. There was nothing unique or extraordinary that I can tell you about that day, but I do remember it.

We found a beautiful overlook that gave us a view of the mountains as they dipped down to the valley. That famous blue haze blanketed the tree tops. It was a golden day?

Herman has always kept an old army blanket in the back of every car we’ve owned. It’s a leftover from Vietnam. It’s in the back of my car at this very minute. Those things are indestructible.

I spread the blanket out on the ground and he emptied the contents of the cooler on it. We feasted on a simple lunch of cheese, bread, fruit and wine. I can’t recall much else – only the aura or overall feeling of the day. It was simple and sweet and fun, and memorable only in that it was one of his most favorite days.That makes it special.

More best days to come.


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