We went to Carytown yesterday. It’s been a long time. I love the atmosphere down there. It has an eclectic air about it, but it still has that urban/small town feel. I love that.

Over 300 shops, boutiques, restaurants and offices line Cary St., and most of the shops in Carytown are in historical buildings. There are pots of flowers and hanging baskets and flags flapping in a light breeze everywhere you look.

We walked around and enjoyed the day; we wandered into a few shops, took a few pictures and had a delicious lunch. The weather was perfection. Autumn was in the air. It was a good day.

~~~ Bikes were everywhere.~~

~We almost ate lunch in this French restaurant but the wait was too long. I still haven’t figured out how Herman was so familiar with this place.~
We finally decided to eat here.

AT WEEZIE’S KITCHENI got the roasted turkey with coleslaw and provolone. The slaw was on the sandwich. Never had it that way before. It was excellent. Herman got the portobello mushroom sandwich with provolone and avocado. He said it was very good, too. We did not see George or Weezie there. I guess they moved up town.


Herman is the one with the suspenders and I’m the third one from the left – looking in the window. Don’t you love my skirt.



One thought on “Carytown

  1. great shots… is such a special area isn’t it? nothing like it was 50 years ago when i was a kid. my church is now a high class restaurant and the row houses where my friends lived are now filled with antiques or bikes or cookies. life does go on.

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