Brandon and Madina ‘flea’ bedbug capital of the U.S….

… for number five on the list of most bedbug-infested cities in the U.S.– Chicago!

Everyone thinks they left town for job opportunities, to get out of the city or maybe to live in a less populated area or to find good schools for the kids, but NO. They’re fleeing the bedbugs.

But do they know Chicago is fifth on the list for bedbug infestations.?

The pest control company Terminix released Tuesday a list of the 15 most bedbug-infested cities, based on an analysis of call volume reporting bedbug infestations and of confirmed bedbug cases reported by sales professionals in 350 of the company’s service centers.

The Big Apple topped the list, followed by Philly and Detroit. Ohio has four cities in the top 15 — Cincinnati is fourth, Columbus is seventh, Dayton is eighth and Cleveland is 14th.

Other cities rounding out the list are Chicago, fifth; Denver, sixth; Washington, ninth; Los Angeles, 10th; Boston, 11th; Indianapolis, 12th; Louisville, 13th; and Minneapolis, 15th.

Read the entire article here. Are you bugging out yet?

This is a definite improvement though. NYC was number one, and of course, the bedbugs are in hotels and rentals and such. Brandon and Madina won’t be staying in those places, but guess who will stay in those places when they visit them?

Excuse me while I scratch.


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