from snips and snails to ruffles and veils

so we won’t forget

I once had a friend who told me to enjoy the hell out of joyous moments because life is hard, and though unadulterated joy presents itself in each life, it is fleeting. In moments of great joy and great sadness, I always remember her admonition.

I used to study my son when he was an infant, trying to commit every inch of him to memory. Other mothers told me that I would forget how tiny he was, how he smelled, how he felt. They said that time was the enemy of such memories, and, like an ephemeral dust, they would scatter and diminish over the years, and I would never be able to recall exactly how it was. You’ve heard it and probably said it when you’ve held a newborn, “Oh, I can’t believe Johnny was ever this small.” I couldn’t stand the thought of it. So I would stare at his tiny feet and toes and fingers and face. The thought of losing that memory was almost painful, but nothing ever stays the same. It’s the one thing we can count on. Nothing endures forever. We only have this moment.

There have been some very sad days and even scary days recently, because that’s part of life. Right? And then along came a big, old, fat, drippy, joyous day. Go figure. There it was. Right in the middle of a pile of icky and nasty emerged the sweet, fragrant petals of joy. Yep. A day my best friend and I have looked forward to for decades – dress-picking day. Her daughter is getting married. We’ve talked about dress-picking day since she was a little girl.

Well, it’s here and a dress must be chosen and she let us tag along for the show – and it was quite a show. I haven’t had so much fun in years. I can understand why they say laughter lengthens the life; it certainly makes it more fun, and fun was what we had.

It was one of those feed-the-inner-child kind of days. We even had a cupcake at the end just to top it off. It was definitely a cupcake day. Thanks, Bek. It was a day your mom and I will never forget. When we’re deep into old age, we’ll pull it out of our memory bag, turn it over, dust it off and recall every detail… um… unless one of us loses her mind… and then the other one will pop her on the head with a nursing home menu and keep reminding her, “Girl, remember that day when Bek tried on wedding gowns? Eh? Eh? Remember?” Pop! “That was quite a day. Remember? Eh?” Pop!

Thank’s, Bek. You made two obnoxious, old women very happy.


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