… and wailing and gnashing of teeth were heard throughout the land…

8 pm last night ~

Me: Is the air conditioner on?

H: Yes. I turned it a couple of degrees cooler a few minutes ago. It just takes a while for the temperature to cool off upstairs.

10 pm ~

Me: Are you sure the AC is set low enough?

H: It’s low enough. It just takes a while. Go to sleep and you won’t feel it.

12 am ~ poke – poke – poking H in the back ~

Me: Now tell me again how it takes a while to cool down up here.

H gets out of bed, goes outside to check unit, checks a few other mysterious things and returns.

H: Turn the fan up. We’ll call someone in the morning.

Me: (turns fan up) sighs, tosses, turns, sighs, tosses, turns… repeat all night…

Herm called someone this morning, and they promised they would make it here today. The name of the company? Are you ready? Southern Comfort. I’m hoping they live up to it. With each tick of the clock, it’s getting hotter in here.

tick, tick, tick…


3 thoughts on “… and wailing and gnashing of teeth were heard throughout the land…

  1. i’m so happy for you that it’s working again. 90 degrees outside is one thing, but inside it really sucks. and people wonder why the crime rate rises….

    • i told the guy from Southern Comfort the same thing about the crime rate. i don’t think he believed me. i was cutting up kitchen with a fillet knife at the time. everything was nice this morning… back to frosted windowpanes. aah!

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