our weekend

We’re home from the big city. We had a great time. It was short but sweet. We went to Brandon’s half marathon on Saturday morning. I walked around and took a few pictures while we waited for the first runners to come in. We experienced my favorite weather the entire weekend – in the low seventies. Madina made a dinner for us (i have to get that chicken recipe) on Sunday night and a delicious chocolate birthday cake for me. Thank you so much.  It couldn’t have been a better weekend. Thanks Brandon and Madina.

The finish line was in Coney Island – right on the shore.




~ lots of interesting poeple on the boardwalk

The stretchers and EMTs were set to handle any runners who found themselves in distress. One  unfortunate guy barely made it across the finish line. He was white as a sheet. Another guy sacrificed his best time to help him complete the race, supporting him all the way across the finish line. It was kind of nice to see.

~ refreshments in the form of water, bagels and bananas (or BAAnanas, as Shay says)


~ A lady of substantial girth was exercising like a 90 pound ballerina on the pier at Coney Island. Gotta love it!~ Coney Island Pier

~ This gentleman was riding his bike all over the place.


~ I didn’t eat any of these. I just took the picture for Patsy. She likes dogs, but I don’t think she eats them deep fried.

~ The Coney Island Ferris wheel.

~ The Shaksta…

~Notice the fingers in this one. He’s throwing his Spider-Man web, hence the serious expression. It takes a lot of concentration to throw a web.

~ The Princess smile…

~ The Princess scary face…

~ The dynamic duo. They look like average children, but don’t be deceived.

~ They were fascinated by Gampa’s flip up sunglasses.

~ Note the expression on that man’s face.~~~

~ Again, note the expression on that man’s face. Sorry I didn’t get this one centered. ~

~ Don’t they look great together?


One thought on “our weekend

  1. i love the pics. you know i always like to know what your surroundings are, and you always seem to deliver for me. about those dogs….i don’t think i’ve ever tried one deep fried. bet you could squeeze the grease out of them tho. welcome home.

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