Happy Birthday To A Genuine Princess

Yes, you were born to be a princess. There is no denying it. Royalty is in your genes. Besides, who could pass up fashion like that?

I can’t believe you’ve been with us for four years already. The time has flown by, yet sometimes it seems like there was no time before Ava. No one who knows you can imagine life without you now. You’re a force to be reckoned with, and it doesn’t take people long to figure that out. You’re a small package, but you pack a big punch.

You remind  me so much of your Papa. He was just like you when he was a little boy. It’s as if his personality was poured into you – undiluted. You never meet a stranger, or at least they aren’t strangers for long. You’re filled with energy and purpose just like he was.

Grandpa thinks you’re the cat’s pajamas and so do I. That’s an old saying that means you’re the greatest thing ever! You’ve brought so much happiness to all of us, Ava, and you have a lot of people who love you, especially your Mama and Papa and Shay and Ziza and Shaw and Grandpa and me. We have no choice. You’re irresistible…. and then there’s that princess thing.
Happy birthday, Ava.
Your loyal subjects,
Grandpa and Nonna


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