What’s Happening?

That is a really cute 63-year-old guy.

I haven’t posted for a while. So here’s a little update of what life has been like around here recently.

Herm and I were feeling pretty good about everything we’d accomplished since January. We painted our way through this cold and snowy winter like two crazed, brush wielding maniacs. We’ve now eradicated builder-white from every wall.

Oops! Not so fast. We ambitiously started in the dining room back in January, swiftly moved on to the living room, slugged through to the bedroom, dragged ourselves to the guest bathroom, and we finally crawled on hands and knees to the bathroom in our bedroom this weekend.

We were in the home stretch when aggravation reared its ugly head. We had finished all the cutting in and sweet victory was in our sights. That’s when Herm removed the old light fixture and realized how it had been wired.

Oooh! He was aghast. I have no idea what the problem is, but I heard scary words like “spaghetti hanging out of the wall” and “fire hazard” and “no electrical box” and “code” and “they could have used the stud.”

So, just when we were so close to finishing everything, work came to a screeching halt. He has to get an “electrical box” today and then “cut drywall” away and “install a new box” and “patch,” and “install the new light fixture.” Since he has to work this week and then we’ll be gone for four or five days, we have no idea when we’ll get our bathroom back. No problem. I’m not going to even look in there.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the seal on the toilet went south this weekend, and the little toilet room flooded? Yep! It sure did. FLOODED! Completely.

Oh, yeah, and we broke that huge bathroom mirror when we took it down. Isn’t that seven years of bad luck or something? Well, I’m not superstitious. Are you?

Okay! That’s all the frustrating news. Nobody died and nobody got sick and nobody went to jail. So how bad could it be? Not so bad!

Now for the “neutral” news or maybe this could even be considered “good” news because all has ended quite well. Herm had to have stitches once again. That makes it official He now has more thread holding him together than a wedding gown. His dermatologist found another basal cancer cell on his back a few weeks ago, and she removed it on Thursday. She sewed it up with five stitches on the outside and didn’t say how many on the inside. It’s healing nicely, but she told him to get used to this. He’ll get checked every six months now. Stay out of the sun, folks!

Now, the best for last. The GOOD news! Herm turned 63. Bek and Patsy had a little party for him at Bek’s house on Saturday night. We had a great time. Chris handled the grill. He cooked fish, chicken and cheeseburgers – sooo good, Chris. Patsy made delicious roasted potatoes and a delicious pineapple upside down cake – one of Herm’s favorites. We had roasted vegetables and grilled pineapple too. Everything was great. Thanks guys.

So, that’s what’s been happening around here lately. Here are the pics to prove it.




4 thoughts on “What’s Happening?

  1. Wow! you didn’t tell me about the toilet, i hate a water leak. Water damages so much stuff. I had a great time at the party too. The cake looks so pretty in the photo.

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