The Finger Incident

Herman and I spent part of last night in the emergency room – from 6:45 till 8:45. Not bad, considering how long you have to wait in those kinds of places sometimes. Herman cut the tip of his finger while trying to move a mattress. It was much deeper than it looks in the photo.

It wouldn’t stop bleeding, and it was a little flippy floppy, if you know what I mean. Unbelievably, in that little cut, the doctor had to put 8 stitches to get it to stop bleeding. I’ve never seen so much blood from one little finger. It looks like a cute little smiley face now.


All is well this morning and he has a nice bandage.

Last time he cut his hand – a few years ago – a veterinarian sewed it up, and he didn’t have to wait at all. He was helping his cousin with a dog pen for his hunting dogs when it happened. They just drove over to the vet’s house, and he sewed him up and charged him five bucks – no fuss, no muss. It was a much bigger cut than this time, and it didn’t even leave a scar. Herm says the vet knew what he was doing. Not so much last night at the emergency room, but all is well that ends well, and it did end well. So we’re smiling, and so is Herman’s finger.


2 thoughts on “The Finger Incident

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy taht looks like it hurt!!!!! 🙂
    oh the first photo reminded me of a persimmon for some reason 🙂 like when it’s really ready to be eaten. ouch… looks like a bite.

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