Repurposing Found Treasure

This is a classic case of finding another use for something that has become practically obsolete. Herm found this antique spittoon or cuspidor – a receptacle for the saliva created from chewing tobacco – in Dad’s basement. I don’t know where or when Dad got it, and he can’t recall.

Thinking that I would like it, Herman brought it upstairs. I washed it thoroughly, and I do mean thoroughly, and plopped my kitchen utensils in it. It served me well while we lived with Dad. I love that wonderful, mellow, ocher color.

When we moved back home, I asked Dad if I could keep it and he said, “Sure.” As you can see, now it holds my pens, pencils, scissors, markers and even a small screwdriver and a magnifying glass – a far better use for it than its original purpose.


3 thoughts on “Repurposing Found Treasure

  1. oh and here i thought you were taking a picture of that beautiful celebrity in the background! man was i WAY off! lol. sarah and i are deeply hurt! can you tell which one is in the picture???

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