Breakfast Burrito

I’ve been cold since I got up this morning and I can’t seem to get warm. I think that’s why I was so hungry. I mean I could have eaten a bison on the run. I can not ever remember being this hungry. When I was a kid we would go out on my father’s boat. As soon as we hit open water, I felt hunger pangs. The fresh, salty air always made me hungry. I’ve never had such feelings of hunger since then – until this morning.

I rarely eat a large breakfast. It’s always light and almost always healthy, but I went crazy this morning. Crazy, I tell you. I sautéed a red bell pepper and onion, threw in some leftover ground turkey, beat an egg and threw it on top of all that. Then I put it all in a soft flour tortilla, shredded some sharp cheddar on top and drizzled a bit of salsa over the whole mess. I’m here to tell you that it was delicious and I’m full. I’m sure all that protein will hold me quite nicely till lunch. Lunch will have to be minimal.

Sorry about the gross photos of half eaten food. Just had to share.


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