New Kid On The Block In D.C. – sâuçá

Do you feel that shift in the collective consciousness about access to fresh, safe and healthful foods? We’re craving options! Why don’t we have tons of fast food joints that offer grains and vegetables and beans and nuts instead of substandard beef and white bread rolls and fat soaked fries. Yes, there are other options to be found in the fast food world, but let’s face it, by their own admission, they’re basically beef pits – and god only knows where that beef comes from or what it was fed during its lifetime.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have a healthy fast food operation on every corner like that famous coffee-house or those golden arches? Now that would be a real cultural revolution!

I don’t understand why these places aren’t popping up everywhere. Of course, little by little, they are, but I’m impatient. A lot of Americans hunger for healthier options that taste great and can be served up quickly.

We’re on the go. ON THE GO! Eating behind the wheel, behind the desk, on park benches. I’m all for sitting down at a table with family and friends for most of our meals; unfortunately, it just isn’t happening in our culture. There’s a serious market out there for healthful fast food. Sure. You can find it when your on the run, but it takes some effort, planning, and your options are a fraction of what you can find if you’re willing to eat garbage.

That brings me to the most recent addition to mobile food in our capital city. Washington, DC has lunch/food wagons – crudely known as Roach Coaches – all over the city that cater to the urban worker and tourists. There’s a new baby on the scene, and there’s not a hot dog, burger or fry in sight. Sâuçá offers an alternative to the status quo – flavors from around the world. I haven’t tried Sâuçá’s, and this is not an endorsement, but rather an endorsement of the idea of more options like Sâuçá’s.

If you could find it, wouldn’t you go for a steaming hot cup of soup with lentils, basmati rice, and curry for lunch; and how about a dollop of yogurt in that. No? Well, how about a Greek salad with fresh, torn romaine, cucumbers, plump Kalamata olives, crumbled feta and pepperoncini peppers. Served with Feta Herb Vinaigrette. How about a beverage to go with that, maybe organic tea or a citrus cooler, or sparkling water. Their breakfast choices don’t look as nutritious, but lunch could be interesting. We need more of this  and we need it now.

More choices, people. More choices.

Washington DC’s newest addition to the mobile food scene is the Sauca truck.

Here’s what sâuçá has to say for itself:

“sâuçá is a unique new global lifestyle brand that combines food, travel, music, design, technology and fun into the most interesting new concept to hit the streets. The heart of sâuçá is about enjoying delicious, healthy, global foods in a new and exciting way, where sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are key to the full experience. Experience street food on a new level, inspired by snack vendors in India, railroad station vendors in Europe and the mobile taquierias of South America, and fun, interactive experiences that will change the way you think about food – and life!”

If you want to follow their rambling course around the DC area, you can follow them on Twitter. If anyone checks this out, let me know what you think.


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