What’s in a color?

Artwork by Chuang Zhao and Lida Xing
Reconstruction of two Sinosauropteryx

Source: N.Y. Times

Have you ever wondered what color dinosaurs really were? Know what? We’ve only guessed until now. All of those colors chosen for Hollywood dinosaurs were only figments of someone’s imagination, not a scientific fact. Until recently, the mysteries surrounding the colors of these ancient giants were trapped in their fossils, never (NEVER?) to be revealed. After all, those 125-million-year-old fossils are little more than boring, lackluster mineralized bones. Right?

What about feathers? Did dinosaurs have feathers? Another mystery? Paleontologists have disagreed about this in the past, but it’s looking like they did. We now know that at least one of them had a “feathered mohawk tail in a subdued palette of chestnut and white stripes.” Brings new meaning to the phrase, “Shake your tail feathers,” doesn’t it?  It looks like those fossils are beginning to reveal the colors of dinosaurs and whether they had feathers.

Check out the article at N.Y. Times. And if you’d like to color your very own dinosaur, check THIS out, and see if you can make your dino buddy as colorful as my Bagaceratops! Can you tell a girl colored this guy?


2 thoughts on “What’s in a color?

  1. this is very interesting. one other thing i noticed was they have changed the name of the Brontosaurus. why would they do that? i’m still calling it a brontosaurus.

    • i actually found the links on a great blog that i read. i thought jacob and ava might like the link where you can color the dinosaurs. jacob may be too “OLD” for such things now. i can’t stand how fast he’s growing up.

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