The “Nights in Rodanthe” House

Did you see Nights in Rodanthe, starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane? Much of the movie took place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in a charming, shingled beach cottage with Matisse blue shutters and a plethora of decks and balconies.

Those oh-so-charming shutters and decks were added for the movie and removed on completion of the movie.

Built in 1988, the stability of the house, known as Serendipity, was eventually compromised by its proximity to the water. As the years passed away, the only beach that stood between Serendipity and the mighty Atlantic melted away until there was no barrier left. Do you remember the scene that was shot during the storm? The ocean literally washed up under the pilings of the house. It looked as if it was in danger of being carried out to sea, and it was… in danger that is.

Locals and visitors to the Outer Banks, and concerned people across the U.S. have expressed concern about Serendipity’s precarious predicament for some time. Michael and Susan Creasy of Champion, PA eventually sold Serendipity.  The new owners, Ben and Debbie Hess, of Newton, in western North Carolina, decided to move the cottage approximately 2,500 feet to a new and safer location. It will be a rental, so you’ll have the opportunity to stay there if your heart desires.Image above ~ Island Free Press
All other images ~ Hooked On Houses

The house was safely moved on January 18, 2010 by Jim Matyiko of Expert House Movers in Virginia Beach, VA and his crew. You may have heard of Expert House Movers. They are also known for their participation in the relocation of the historical Hatteras Light House. Read the entire story at Island Free Press, and check out the video below.


2 thoughts on “The “Nights in Rodanthe” House

  1. i never saw the movie. remember when we were in the outer banks last year, but that was a little too far for us to drive. i love that i never know what you will be writing about from one day to the next.

    • Patsy,
      We should rent the movie. Not the very best movie I’ve seen them in together, but it’s always worth it to get another look at Richard Gere’s butt. Don’t get me started. He’s the most attractive man.

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