Trip To Dad’s

Jacob’s creek was frozen over…

Yesterday we drove down to Dad’s and took him to his follow-up appointment with his own doctor. After two trips to the hospital over the holidays, it was a good idea for him to touch base with his doctor. We didn’t return home till around nine o’clock last night.

Dad hates the oxygen and is putting up a bit of a fight about it. He has a portable one on wheels that can be taken in the car, but he refused to let us take it yesterday. I could have forced the issue, but sometimes getting him upset is just as bad for him as the alternative. So we used his wheelchair, making sure he didn’t have to walk at all. He used to walk down his ramp with his walker and get in our car with help, but he really isn’t up to that now. It worked out okay, but he was wasted by the time we got home and slept in his chair half the afternoon.

Carolyn took her own mother to see her doctor. After that, they had some errands, and they didn’t get back till late. This was fine. She needs to have some time to do things for her own family. Dad was anxious by the time she returned. He has really bonded with her. I tried to explain that she had a right to take a day off once in a while.

Dad is doing okay, but I can’t say that he’s doing well. He has not reached his baseline, and who knows if he ever will be quite the same again. This thing really knocked the stuffing out of him, and I’m still concerned about his swallowing issue. He’s enjoying all the attention from the Home Health Care professionals, who visit him three times a week. Most of them are young women, and they talk very gently to him and are very attentive. Carolyn says he thinks of every single thing that’s bothering him, and makes sure to tell them in grat detail about it. She said it’s very funny to watch.

He fussed at me for driving 30 in a 25 mph zone. He told me they were cracking down on 25 mph zones lately. He always tells me this. I asked him if he would pay the fine for me if I got caught. He said sure but he wouldn’t go to jail for me. I told him I didn’t think they’d lock me up for five miles over the speed limit. He said he wouldn’t be so sure.

All and all, we had a very good day. I’m so lucky that Dad has his full mental faculties. I never, ever take this for granted. He’s funny and witty and full of spit and vinegar. The main street down there has been under construction for over three years. They can’t seem to finish it, and everyone is sick to death of the congestion. We got stuck in traffic after leaving the doctor’s office, and I told Dad that I had read an article in the paper just before we moved back home that said all construction would be finished by Christmas. Without missing a beat, he said, “Yeah, but they didn’t say which Christmas, did they?”

We stopped and picked up a spinach/tomato quiche at Fresh Market after leaving Dad’s. We heated it up when we got home and had a salad and slice of whole grain bread with it. I checked for phone messages just before bed, and there was the sweetest message I’ve ever had. It was from my daughter-in-law’s mother. I’ve never had anyone say such kind things to me, and it meant the world to me.


2 thoughts on “Trip To Dad’s

  1. hey lady i say kind words to you all the freak’n time! geeezzzz!!! LOL

    glad he is feeling somewhat better. mom and i were worried about you last night!

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