Just Call Me Skyper!

I answered the phone the other night, and a very tiny voice said, “Want to skype, Nona?”

It was Ava, and skype we did. Oh, my goodness. I can’t wait to see them next week. Did I just say next week? What?

Anyway, back to skype or skyping or skypers. Is there such a being as a skyper? Well, I think I’m one, but my grandchildren are Skype veterans. Skype was founded in 2003. 2003! My grandchildren have never known a time when it didn’t exist.

Who knew “skyping” could be a verb? The Urban Dictionary, that’s who.   How did they come up with that name. You probably already know, but this is what Wikipedia says…

“One of the initial names for the project was “Sky peer-to-peer”, which was then abbreviated to “Skyper”. However, some of the domain names associated with “Skyper” were already taken. Dropping the final “r” left the current title “Skype”, for which domain names were available.”

So, when my little granddaughter says, “Want to skype, Nona?” as if it’s always been a reality, that’s because it has for her, but Nona remembers when there were party lines and when televisions had tubes in them. Nona is an antique.


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