Decorating A Beach Cottage On A Shoestring

I may have a little something that you’ll find of interest. I found a site a while ago that I enjoy. Sarah is the spunky power behind A Beach Cottage. A trip to A Beach Cottage is sort of like taking a mini vacation to Australia. It simultaneously feeds my traveling, decorating, and leave-it-all-behind fantasies, not to mention my penchant for turning junk into treasure. I’ll never live in a tiny seaside town in Australia, and I’ll never have a little whitewashed beach cottage, but I can visit Sarah’s place whenever I wish.

After living in the same village in England for almost her entire life, this mother of three and her husband picked up and moved to a new country, a new continent, a new home and a new lifestyle. Leaving their home and family behind, they embarked on a bonafide adventure in Australia.

Sarah is a thrifter. She finds old treasures for practically nothing and spruces them up for her little cottage. She has lots of ideas for small spaces. They’re all economical and fun. When you visit, be sure to go on the beach cottage tour, and check out the before-and-after photos.


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