Remember that dead Spaniard who wanted to live forever?

H is just this side of becoming one of those people who travel to foreign lands and lush, green rain forests, seeking healing potions and undiscovered cures for esoteric diseases.

I have my very own burgeoning Ponce de León here. I know, Ponce wasn’t a bad fellow, but he did think Florida was an island.

I’m thinking machete and Australian bush hat for Christmas.

This morning…

H ~ Why haven’t we tried bok choy?

Me ~ We have.

H ~ Nope.

Me ~ Yes, we have.

H ~ Nope.

Me ~ Okay. What’s up with bok choy?

H ~ (reading from Men’s Health Magazine) If you like broccoli, try bok choy. Like broccoli, this leafy vegetable has a crunch–and less than half the calories and carbohydrates of its cruciferous cousin.

Me ~ Fine. Put it on the grocery list.

H ~ (reading from magazine again) If you like steak, try goat…


One thought on “Remember that dead Spaniard who wanted to live forever?

  1. tell crazy over there that if he wants goat he will have to kill it, skin, and gut it himself. i don’t think ukrops has that in stock!

    i predict that in the very near future he will be in a dress with sandals and doesn’t raise his voice above a level 1 (for those that don’t know, that is a library voice). better watch out too for that mat in the bedroom. you know what that means right….he’s leaving that awesome bed for the, wait for it, hard floor. silly hermmy.

    can’t help but love him though!


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