Graves Mountain Apple Harvest Festival

100_9915We drove up to Graves Mountain for their annual Apple Harvest Festival on Sunday. It was a brisk day, but we were dressed for it. There were hats and scarves and gloves and even long johns. We’ve been doing this for years. It has become tradition, but Herm and I have missed the past few years. I love Graves Mountain. It’s such a beautiful place – as you can see in some of the photos. It’s a perfect backdrop for pictures.

Meet Maddie

Maddie is Chris’ Daughter.


Meet Chris

Chris is Bek’s friend.100_2763

Meet Bek

Bek is Jacob’s mom.100_9738

Meet Jacob

Jacob lost his first tooth recently.100_9857

Meet Melman

Melman isn’t related to anyone we know, but he’s our kind of people.100_9765_2

As soon as we arrived, Maddie and Jacob climbed up on this old truck.100_9748~100_9747~100_2762

There were arts and crafts made by local artisans, and they were (somewhat) sheltered in these tents. A gust of wind blew one of them over. 100_9753There was a bluegrass band.100_9760We got out of the cold for a while and ate lunch in this huge building that had this huge fireplace. The food was great and so was the hot apple cider.100_9763

King of the Mountain100_9805Maddie ~ Queen of all that she surveys

100_9807The Hayride ~ Maddie, Jacob, Bek, Chris100_9832Jacob and Maddie go horseback riding ~100_9781Jacob on Skip100_9783Maddie and Blackjack 100_9784_2
Making Apple Butter ~100_9768There were jams and preserves and gourds and apples and apple butter for sale.100_9773And the star of the show! The apples, of course!100_9772Dad buys Maddie a new hat ~

100_9845~100_9842And of course, there were pumpkins and gooseneck gourds…or snakeneck gourds…as Jacob called them.100_9797The Brook or Stream or whatever…

Chris and Bek at the stream100_2782Jacob and Maddie

100_2787Herm, Jacob and Maddie find something… What could it be? Don’t you just love Herm’s tangerine hat?100_9876

Yikes! A crayfish! 100_9881Jacob100_9897

Of course, apples must be eaten at an apple harvest. I think there’s a rule or maybe even a law.100_9910

The end of a fun day and heading home ~100_9913


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