Today was a good day.

The rain slid down the window panes, the mercury didn’t climb very high in the thermometer, and a good friend came for lunch. How could it get any better? A friend to share your lunch with on a dreary day.

Early in the day I wrote for a bit, surfed for a bit, and sipped sweet and creamy coffee with Herm before he left for work. My friend showed up a little later, and we ate lunch. We had one of those 1950s childhood lunches – warm cream of chicken soup and tuna salad sandwiches. Then she used our older-than-dirt fax machine. It punked out before she could finish the job.

After she left, I puttered around in the kitchen and made a huge pot of soup – Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana Soup – because Herm called and asked me to. He said he was driving all day in the rain and cold and he would really like to have Zuppa Toscana tonight. Only he didn’t really say Zuppa Toscana. He said, “Can you make that Olive Garden soup tonight?”  Sure.

I turned the television on while I was peeling and chopping and sauteing. You must know what I saw. It was on every cable news balloon2.kusachannel. Everyone believed a 6-year-old boy was flying across the country in a Mylar helium balloon that his dad had built. It sort of reminded me of that movie I saw when I was a kid, The Absent Minded Professor. Anyone recall flubber?

Was this a hoax? What do you think?

Herm just got home. Soup’s on. Everyone have a nice evening.


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