We’re settling in today, and getting down to the minutia that must be dealt with after vacation. I’m doing laundry. Herm is mowing grass. I still have to go to the grocery store. Blah, de, blah, blah, blah.

We’re also still doing the kinds of things you do when you move to a new town. That may seem like an odd way to put it since we actually moved back to our own house after taking care of Dad for a few years. We’ve been home for a little over six weeks now. You’d think we’d hit the ground running, but many of those crazy little things you have to do when you move still must be dealt with. Doctor’s records must be moved, phone numbers and addresses must be changed, new checks must be ordered, etc.

I’ve been trying to run down a hairdresser today. I got my hair cut just before we moved back, and it’s past time for repairs. So, how’s that going you might ask. Not so well, but I’ll find someone soon. I just want a simple cut. See.

shorthairstyle8How difficult could that be? If they could only make me look like her. Alas, magicians they are not.  (shaking head, shrugging shoulders)


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