Our Trip To New Hampshire and Bar Harbor, Maine

101_0030Daily Dalliance has returned to home base. Apologies for not posting photos yesterday as promised. I woke at 4:37 yesterday morning and promptly woke Herm. We packed up the car and started the trip home. It was the smartest thing we did the entire trip. Our return commute was long but much better than the trip up.

As I’ve mentioned, we’re not experienced travelers by anyone’s standards, but we learned a few things on this trip. We will employ them when we take our next vacation. Did I just say, “next vacation?”

We arrived home around 9 last night. After spending over 14 hours in the car, I ate a bowl of cereal and went to bed. So here I am this morning, sitting at my computer and posting photos. We had a wonderful time, and we plan to go to Cape Cod or Savannah or Charleston on one of our next trips. For some reason Herm isn’t interested in Graceland. I can’t understand why.

Without further ado, here are the pix.

First we stopped in the small town in New Hampshire where my sister used to live. They ran a gift shop and rented cottages around the lake there. We only stayed long enough to take a few pictures. You’ll have to forgive the electrical and phone wires in all these photos. Also, I’ve noticed that there’s a bit of blurring in the photos, and I even had to delete one whole group that was taken on Main Street in Bar Harbor. They looked like negatives – pink sky, ghost like images. I think I’m going to have to break down and buy a new camera. I guess it’s about time, but I’ve had a lot of fun with this one.

We truly enjoyed this trip. New England is one of the most beautiful places in the world this time of year.

Gift Shop100_9925

The Church
Every New England town has at least one white clapboard church. We mush have seen a hundred while we were up there – all white, simple, small, beautiful, and elegant. This one was in the town where my sister lived.


The Cottages
This is the lake where they used to rent cabins. As you can see in the photo, they sit almost on the lake. They are very rustic. Just for the fun of it, we stayed there one night with my sister and her husband before she died. We packed up our jammies at her house and took some food over and a deck of cards. It was fun. Her house was less than a mile away.

The Cows
On our way out-of-town and up into the White Mountains, we saw these guys on the side of the road.100_9946

Next we drove up into the White Mountains and stopped at the Flume Gorge. You’ll have to forgive some of these photos. It was overcast the entire time we were there and we were deep inside the mountain with only a shaft of light seeping through. As soon as we finished, the sun came out on cue.

The Flume Gorge
I had to walk up those stairs, but that wasn’t the worst part. I had to walk back down the mountain.100_9960

First a few photos of Herm and the trees. I must have taken a picture of him in front of every tree in New Hampshire…and trust me when I tell you, New Hampshire has a lot of trees.

First: Herm and a red tree


Next: Herm and a yellow tree100_9963

Next: Herm and a red tree and a yellow tree

Next: Without any prompting, Herm decides , in an act of pure genius, to add interest to the photo by propping his foot on the bench.

Here we go… A bus took us a short distance before we started the climb up, up, up…


It really was a beautiful day.100_9966



The Asian students waving at me. Hey, Y’all!100_9994This lady dropped her umbrella. Unbelievably, as her terrified friend looked on, she climbed through the railing and jumped down onto the rocks to retrieve it. Herm, who couldn’t figure out why she would do such a thing, said, “Must be one of them flyin’ Mary Poppins kinda umbrellas.” 100_9982



Now this shot of The Flume Bridge is most interesting because it was taken through the back window of a bumping, joggling bus. I can’t believe it came out as well as it did. It is the most photographed covered bridge in New Hampshire, and it’s the one you most often see on the covers of brochures and in advertisements about New Hampshire. You can see why. It’s lovely. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Liberty in the background. Of course, it cleared up and the sun came out a few minutes after I took this. So is life.101_0026

On to Bar Harbor, Maine. We loved Bar Harbor. It’s a sweet little sea side town with quaint shops, beautiful views, and great food. After a blueberry pancake breakfast (pancakes that we were assured were made with authentic wild Maine blueberries), we ambled down Main Street and did a little shopping and touristy stuff.

Welcome to Bar Harbor

Sign on shop


View of the harbor from Main Street

101_0064Bar Harbor



A woman whose style speaks for itself

I’m sorry, but you just know she lives north of the Mason Dixon Line.101_0070


Man wearing a moose hat

… and you just know he was born south of the Mason Dixon Line…101_0071_2

Main Street Shops

This is the only one that turned out. The rest looked like negatives. 101_0056

In the afternoon, we drove over to Southwest Harbor. It was less commercial and equally beautiful, maybe even more beautiful.


I know you aren’t interested in where we ate, but I’m putting this here for us. I’ll be able to look back and find it if we ever go to Bar Harbor again. We loved this restaurant. It’s an unassuming little place that sits right on the water. I had the best lobster there. This may have been my favorite part of the trip. I wish I’d had the nerve to take a picture of it, but the restaurant was full of people. I’ve enjoyed many lobsters, but this was the prettiest one I’ve ever eaten. He was the most beautiful shade of red I’ve ever seen on a lobster. I even shook his hand and said, “Nice to meet you.” before I devoured him.

The Chart Room


And last but not least…

My daughter-in-law requested that I post a photo of myself. On the way home, I snapped this one just for her. I forgot to smile. (Remember: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.)101_0122


20 thoughts on “Our Trip To New Hampshire and Bar Harbor, Maine

  1. hahahahahaha oh i can’t believe that’s the only shot you have. you must have another one!!! 🙂
    those photo’s are beautiful! why did you guys come back so fast?

  2. Ha, ha! That was just for you. It was the only one I would every post on the internet.

    I love your new avatar or gravatar or whatever it’s called. The marigold is beautiful.

  3. Isn’t this just the BEST time to visit Maine in the mid coastal area? Our family usually goes the first week in October each year, but we’re doing something different for vacation this year. I am already missing it! I keep saying as the weather cools down here in Maryland, “We should be in Maine…this is not right!”

  4. As a native New Englander (MA) who has long lived away I really enjoyed your photos. I get so homesick this time of year, it’s lovely to be able to see it, even if I can’t get back there. Thanks for posting these.

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  6. your foliage pictures are gorgeous! i just posted about my trip to new hampshire (hanover/lebanon), but your pictures win. i love the one with the cows!

  7. I’ve been to Cannon, I’ve been to all those little towns and I’ve been to Bah Hahbah. But you didn’t go to the top of Cadillac Mountain? Or to Eagle Pond? Bass Hahbah Lighthouse?

    Well, looks like you need to go back. Take 95 up to Bangor and then go east on 1A. It’ll much easier that way.

  8. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve always loved the scenery of New England. =) As for your next vacation I can state without a doubt that Savannah is (another)one of the most beautiful places on the planet.(I live there =) ) Charleston is one such place as well,and I’m sure Cape Cod (though I haven’t been there).I’m looking at possibly moving to New Hampshire for Bible school soon so it was lovely to see some more pictures of it ,thank you for sharing them with us. God Bless, Karina =D

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