Quality Inn in Bar Harbor, Maine

101_0025Good morning! Daily Dalliance coming to you from the Quality Inn in Bar Harbor, Maine this morning. We arrived here last night around 8 PM. We checked into our room…this time two double beds. They didn’t have a king size when we booked. The room is clean, comfortable and meets all basic needs, but both of our previous rooms were nicer. Do we care? Not so much. We’re going to spend the day roaming around Bar Harbor, not in the room. I will miss the complimentary breakfast this morning.

I made a bet with Herm before we left home that Capital One would place a hold on our credit card at some point. We haven’t traveled anywhere for so long, and I knew when we started using it at different locations, Capital One would assume that someone with a much more interesting life had stolen the card. Add on top of that the purchase of Herm’s computer that he is so generously allowing me to use on this trip. Ha! They were wrong. Herm called to inform them that we are indeed the traveling banditos and to expect more of same behavior.

After we checked in last night, we drove down to this little area down by the water. When Herm asked where we could find a good lobster roll, the lady here at the hotel recommended Geddy’s – a bar and grill sort of place. They do takeout too, so we brought them back to the room because we were beat. It hit the spot.

I have to tell you about the place we ate lunch yesterday. We stopped in the Township of Bethel in Maine. We knew nothing about the place so Herm just chose a small restaurant that he found on the GPS. (i have no idea how people traveled before those things. they’re great) Anyway, he picked this place called Di’Cocoa’s. It turned out to be a gourmet vegetarian soup and sandwich place with fabulous homemade desserts. I got the roasted vegetable Panini. It was to die for. It didn’t even have cheese on it, but the roasted egg-plant, zucchini, onions, and mushrooms were out of this world, and it was on this incredibly fresh, crusty bread that had been coated with a little olive oil before placing it in the Panini press. Herm got the bean burrito, and he said his was great too. Then we got two very small pieces of the pear/cranberry tart and two hot chocolates for the road. I have to say, the portions were small by American standards, but the quality was outstanding, and we were totally satisfied and did nothing but talk about it for the next 100 miles or so. Everything was fresh, no preservatives – excellent.101_0041_2

This was our view as we sat at the tables outside DiCocoa’s. Not bad!


I used the facilities at DiCocoa’s and when I started to wash my hands, I looked up, this is what I saw. I whipped out my camera so you wouldn’t miss it. Meet Captain Hygiene!101_0038

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We drove through the little New England town where my sister used to live. We didn’t spend much time there. We only went to have one more look-see and to take a few photos. The gift shop they used to run looks run down now. It’s on the market and it misses its previous owners. My sister and her husband used to plant beautiful flowers out front and around the side, the grass was always trim and the entire place would have been surrounded by pumpkins, mums and of course a straw man would have been sitting guard at the door this time of year. We knew it would be this way, but we wanted to make the stop. It was not easy for Herm or me. Herm loved my sister as much as I did. We just had that human feelings that people sometimes have when they experience a big loss. I never felt that my goodbye to my sister was complete  after going down to Florida for the funeral because she never loved Florida.  She adjusted to it but she dearly loved her home in New Hampshire, and it is where Herm and I have the best memories of her. So even though it made us sad, we felt closure…finally.

Gotta go. Herm is ready. More photos tomorrow. Promise. Even one of Herm in a bear cave…uh huh….you’ll see it here.  Forgive all spelling errors. In a hurry.


4 thoughts on “Quality Inn in Bar Harbor, Maine

    • Oh, you ask too much. A couple of tourists took photos of the two of us, but I just can’t post them. I will try to get Herm to take a few of me. Maybe I will be able to post one…for you.

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