Comfort Inn

comfort-inn-concord-nhDaily Dalliance here – coming to you from the Comfort Inn in Concord, New Hampshire this morning. Haven’t even had a cup of coffee yet, but it’s brewing as I write. Soon breakfast will be ready. Yesterday we had a complimentary breakfast of bacon, eggs, biscuits, an assortment of pastries,  juice, and coffee at The Hampton Inn in Pennsville, NJ. We ate there and didn’t even stop for lunch. I’m not sure if the breakfast here will be as good, but I’ll let you know. They had warm cookies, fresh out of the oven, when we arrived in a chilly downpour last night. I only had one, but it was to die for.

Now for the weather and traffic report: only one word could describe yesterday’s travel experience – horrendous. The rain came down in sheets at times, and we literally sat in traffic from Delaware to Concord. We were both good sports until about two hours from our destination. We’d both had enough. We consoled each other with talk of how great it would be to sit in the room, feet up, watching some mindless television show as we nodded off. Then we arrived at our hotel to a platter full of warm cookies and a very nice room – not quite as nice as the Hampton Inn, but very nice and cozy, and the miserable commute faded into the mist.

After settling in, we drove around the corner and got a bottle of wine from a local market and a couple of delicious subs from Dangelo’s. Herm got the steak and cheese with hot peppers, and I got the classic vegetable with peppers, mushroom, onions and cheese.

Oops, wait. Have to get that cup of coffee.

Okay, I’m back.

I’m really looking forward to today. Today, the travel part is over (until the return trip), and the touring part begins. We’ll drive around Bristol today, and then head up into the White Mountains for a bit of leaf peeping, and a few stops at roadside stands for some maple syrup and mulled cider. When we’ve had our fill, we’ll head over to Bar Harbor, Maine where we have a room waiting for us at the Quality Inn. I’ll let you know which room ends up being the best, but my money is on The Hampton.

Sorry that I can’t give you anything more interesting than room, food, weather and traffic reports so far, but hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to report tomorrow morning.

I need to write something about travel tips. No, let me correct that. I need to write about travel DONT’S. Herm and I are lame butts when it comes to packing and traveling and such. We haven’t traveled much. As a result, we can’t seem to figure out what’s important to pack and what can be left at home. So we just pack  it all. Our car looks like we’ve pulled up stakes, and we’re movin’ to Californy! We have half our closets with us – the classic novice mistake – and still managed to forget our slickers. Ha! Herm keeps telling me that we’re going to do this over and over until we’re the slickest adventurers who ever lived. Ha! Louis and Clark, move over. That’s what he tells me anyway.

All kidding aside, we’re having fun. Dare I get all mushy and say that Herm and I have… well, if not grown old together…maybe I can say that we’ve grown “up” together. I could add a lot here, but I’ll spare you the saccharine.  Suffice it to say, when we’re together, we’re usually having a good time.

I promise photos tomorrow. We downloaded the upgraded Kodak software for windows vista last night. I uploaded some pix this morning that we took from the car on Thursday, but they really aren’t wort posting. Hopefully tomorrow.

That’s all for this Saturday morning in October, 2009. Check in tomorrow for more tales from the road. Love to all.


2 thoughts on “Comfort Inn

  1. you’re just like charles kuralt…i always loved his travel adventures and the people he would meet. slickers? what were you thinking?

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